Steps to update Angular from Angular 8 to Angular 9

Update application from Angular 8 -> Angular 9

Though we have angular9 released so in this article i would like to discuss how we can update our Angular App from Angular8 to Angular 9. In other words i would like to say Migrate existing angular application to angular9 from angular8

To know what are the new features into Angular 9 Angular 9 Features.

So to upgrade it to angular 9 follow below steps.

  • Make sure you will have node version 10.13 or later version. I would advice use latest version that is Node 12.
  • Make sure you will have your angular-cli at 8 ( You can check angular version by ng --version command).
  • After that update your angular-cli to latest version using ng update @angular/cli
  • After upgradation of angular-cli please update your angular/core package using ng update @angular/core command
  • Now you can check that you will have angular9 installed using ng--version.
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