[Solution] Draw Flowchart with drag and drop facility using HTML and JavaScript(Flowchart Builder)

Draw Flowchart with drag and drop facility using HTML and JavaScript(Flowchart Builder)

         In this post we are going to provide a solution how a developer can embed his/her own flowchart builder into their application.

         This post contains the source code for that.You can download that code from Download code from GitHub

         At some point of time all developers want to Embed flowchart builder into their application.But they may not know how can they do that so here is the solution how they can embed flowchart into their own application.By using this code End user can draw their own flowchart with just simple drag and drop and simply connect those nodes to make it better understandable.

          Every Developer,programmer or student  knows what the flowchart is so we are not going to discuss here what flowchart is.

          So for Brief Flowchart is a diagram which shows user that what is the flow of the program or an application 

So for that you just need to write a small HTML code for that and below is the code.


You just need to include the flowchart.js library into your HTML application and you can download that from flowhchart.js

<script type='text/javascript' src="js/flowchart.js">

Output : 

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You can also get your drawn chart data into json format.

Get chart into JSON Format : 



Feel free to comment below your experience with above approach and If you still find any problem  with above steps Let me know I would love to help you to resolve your  problem.

I hope this article will help to understand the Javascript Concept. If you want to know more about Javascript check out Javascript World

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  1. There is a better way to embed flowcharts to any blog or a website. You can draw the flowchart with Creately Flowchart Maker and embed using the code provided.

  2. Thanks to share. It is a great experience to read your articles which you listed at http://www.visionfortech.com/p/javascript.html.

    But personally i like Below of your articles.


    Can i write my javascript ideas into your blog ?

    1. Thanks Marry.
      I really appreciate your effort and interest.

  3. I am a newbie in programming, I can not save the save button and I can not generate the SVG diagram
    Could you explain me better?

  4. Excuse me you can help me save and export the diagram, because I can not make it work

  5. working fine but there is no button for saving this flowchart.please help

  6. Have you implemented load and save in json format. I could not find he savebutton etc. also you image shows different components, can these be made easily.


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