Speech to Text using Javascript

Speech to text using JavaScript

In this article i am going to show that how we can convert speech to text using JavaScript with it's browser API.

As you seen in above image, the output/outcome of this example/program is user will be able to get spoken words into text/string and his/her confidence level(in %) while speaking those words.

with the user of inbuilt web api of browser we can achieve above program,we can recognize speech using JavaScript. It is very easy to recognize speech in a browser using JavaScript and then getting the text from the speech to use as user input. We havecovered How to convert Text to Speech using Javascript.

Want to download source code ? : Speech-to-text-using-Javascript

We have used the SpeechRecognition object. We haven't used too many properties. We have a simple HTML webpage in the example, where we have a button control to initiate the speech recognition action.

Output of this Application : 

Note: It will work only in Google Chrome browser
While running the code into the browser will ask for permission to use your Microphone, so please click on Allow and then speak anything to see the program in action.
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