Javascript JSON to string

Javascript JSON to string

Into this post we are going to discuss how to convert Javascript JSON ( Javascript Object Notation ) to string or javascript json to string.

Into this kind real IT world we can say Javascript is everywhere like front end and BackEnd both so we can say Javascript is going to rule everywhere.

Javascript JSON to String by visionfortech , Javascript blog

So in today's article we are going to discuss JSON which generally uses to pass data from one end to another end.

Let start understanding of that using below simple examples.

So into Javascript we can do that easily using JSON.stringify().

First let's take and example of Object

let json_to_string = JSON.stringify({ javascript_json: 5, json_to_string: 6 })


//output: "{"javascript_json":5,"json_to_string":6}"
Now let's take an example of run time creation of Array of Object

let json_to_string = JSON.stringify([new String('visiofortech'),new Boolean(false),new Number(7)])


//output: "["visiofortech",false,7}"
Now let's take an example of Date object

let json_to_string = JSON.stringify(new Date(2018, 10, 16, 15, 4, 5))


//output: ""2018-11-16T09:34:05.000Z""

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