Features of google Allo Application

Google Launches an Intelligent and Brilliant Applicaion named "Allo" 

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Google has launched Allo, its new brillient and Intelligent messaging app. Allo combines now-standard messaging features like stickers, changing font sizes and marked-up photos with Google Assistant, an intelligent chat AI that brings Google's services to your conversations, and Smart Reply. 

Features into Google Allo App :

Smart reply :- 

Allo's "Smart reply" function uses Google's machine learning technology to suggest a reply to the last message, which can be selected from a few options. The feature also analyses images sent to the user in order to suggest responses. Similar to the smart reply feature seen in Google's Inbox app, it learns from the user's behaviour to adapt its suggestions over time.
visionfortech,pratik soni,google allo app

Incognito mode :-
Incognito mode is an optional mode that includes expiring chats, private notifications, and end-to-end encryption. The encryption uses Open Whisper Systems' Signal Protocol, already used in the Signal app.
visionfortech,pratik soni,google allo app

Whisper Shout :
The Whisper Shout feature being demonstrated at Google I/O 2016
"Whisper Shout" allows the user to increase or decrease the size of a message to represent volume.[8]

Attractive Stickers :
Ii also has some cool and attractive stickers.
visionfortech,pratik soni,google allo app

Google Assistant :
This is one of the current apps that supports Google Assistant, a conversational virtual assistant.
visionfortech,pratik soni,google allo app

So now Google Assistant comes up in two forms

  • One-on-One 
  • Within your Conversation
          In One-on-One  you can request information from Google's services, similar to Google Now. Users can find out sports scores, the weather, search for restaurants, check travel time or flight status, and more. 

          Within you Conversation means Google Assistant can be brought into chats by tagging the service in a message line and issuing a command. 

For example, 
      A user can type "@google show me local burrito places" and Google Assistant will show you local burrito places. 
      Users can also bring in other forms of information, like Google Search, Images and YouTube results. However, Google points out that Google Assistant is in "preview edition" and isn't complete. To help improve Assistant, users can submit real-time feedback with conversations. 

Allo also comes with a feature called Smart Reply. The app can learn your texting habits and suggest quick replies for more basic communication. Allo can, for instance, learn whether you're more prone to using "lol" or "haha," or whether you like to say "sup?" or "hey how's it going." Once it figures out your reply patterns, it can suggest basic responses. Smart Reply can also adjust to how you respond to certain people. As BuzzFeed notes, it can change its suggestions based on whether you're talking to your wife or boss. 

Google stores the chat data on its servers, but has also extended its Incognito private mode to Allo. Incognito mode comes with end-to-end encryption and self-destructing chats. Users can set time limits for their messages, setting them to self-destruct after 10 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute, an hour, a day, or longer (via The Verge). 

Allo is only available for iPhones and Android phones and, like WhatsApp, uses a phone number for registration. The app is currently rolling out and propagating through Apple's App Store services. Allo was first announced in May, at Google's annual I/O event alongside Android Nougat, Android Wear 2.0, and Duo.

Things Which are not Present into Google Allo

Call Facility (for that Google launches DUO app)

File Sharing

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