Thursday, July 14, 2016

PokeGone - Google Chrome Extension that block and Erase all Pokemon Go Data

PokeGone - Chrome Extension that block and Erase all Pokemon Go Data

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Here now a days the game Pokemon Go is too much trending so google developed its extension to block "Pokemon Go" From your Internet.

Its quite impossible to avoid or we can say ignore "Pokemon Go",as the application has made a bog splash with seemingly everyone with a Mobile Phone since its release.But if you are the one who is not trying to get all the Pokemon,you may have the way to just get all that from your news feed which is in Google Chrome Extension "PokeGone"

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So "PokeGone" Chrome extension will remove "Pokemon Go" from your Internet,Because sometimes you just need a break from all those parameters.

The Google Chrome Extension can Flush any kind of and all "Pokemon Go" Content From Your Browser

And Google Chrome Extension "PokeGone" was actually inspired by TrumFilter which is one of may Chrome Extension of its kind.

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